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April 22, 2016
Sunnyside, Queens

Dear fellow entrepreneur:

I spoke with a restaurant owner today who told me of the struggles he is having filling seats and making a good living at what he does. Is he surviving? Sure. But is he thriving? Absolutely not.

Over the years we've crossed paths and I've checked with him, and unfortunately I think he's going to continue to struggle with his business.  Both his words and his tone suggest that he feels powerless about what he can do, even though I've pointed out that this is not the case--he can make changes that will impact his bottom line.

But what does this have to do with you?

Well, nearly a decade ago I too thought that I was powerless over my business, and nearly lost it.  But a series of events turned things around in a most amazing way.

Looking back at what happened, and especially how actions turned in to financial results, I realized the solution to turning around a business--the solution that is the answer to middle-of-the-night panics about a big bill coming up, the solution to "how am I going to cover the next payroll," and the prescription for small business burnout.

This coming Thursday, April 28th at 4pm (Eastern US time), I will teach a free workshop on what those five activities are.  By the time we're finished
a) you'll be able to look at what you're already doing that is adding value to your business,
b) see where you might need more effort, and
c) have a strategic planning guide to use to deeply examine your business and plan for how you can make better profits.

Again, this is absolutely free.  Simply fill in the registration form below.


Jonathan Ankney