Small Business CFO provides financial consulting and short-term projects to businesses that need an extra effort put into making change

Profitability analysis

How much do I need to sell in order to cover my monthly overhead and personal income?

What changes can I make to improve profitability?

What is my average monthly income / costs / overhead?

Small Business CFO provides those answers to these and other key business questions by reviewing your financials and looking for averages and trends so that you can update your strategy, adjust your expenses and make strategic pricing and expense decisions proactively.

» Review a Sample Profitability Analysis.

» Read how Small Business CFO helped InterVarsity Christian Fellowship New York / New Jersey Region uncover costs for its annual event through analysis.

Cash flow management

Without capital, it is impossible to conduct business.  Small Business CFO’s cash flow projection templates, customized to your business, will provide you with the right tool to project cash balances on a weekly or monthly basis.  Clients have benefited from this tool in times of feast and times of famine: when inflows are strong, reserves are built and investment in profitable projects are undertaken; when flows are low, the owner adjusts expenses, negotiates vendor payments terms, reviews reserve policy, and seeks credit.

» See a cash flow forecast that Small Business CFO developed for a client, and how it helps when funds are limited.

Decision making

Review financials to see what current trends are, forecast the impact of changing parameters.  Common types of decisions forecast are:

  • Implementing a sales commission program
  • Outsourcing versus hiring

» See how Small Business CFO helped a school decide how much to set aside annually for their capital budgeting reserves.

» See an example of how a decision-making analysis can be done.

Financial modeling and forecasting

If you are looking for funding and need to provide financial forecasts, Small Business CFO will develop a financial forecast, customized to your business model.  The forecast features Profit & Loss statements, Balance Sheets, and Statement of Cash Flow, by month / quarter / and year for your desired forecast horizon.  Additional options are sales forecasts, staffing schedules, inflation rates.  And we always build create them so that you have the ability to change numbers on your own.

» See a financial model that Small Business CFO developed for a client with all of these features.

Financial systems

Financial systems need to produce accurate and timely financial reports; otherwise decisions are made on inaccurate or outdated information.  Small Business CFO will review your financial reporting requirements and analyze your financial workflow to achieve optimal results.  Upon completion of the advisory portion, Small Business CFO can assist with the implementation.  Types of system development we do are:

  • Integrating external systems (Point of Sale or industry specific software) to general ledger system.
  • Implementing digital documentation systems.
  • Developing and implementing paper flow systems, from inbox to final document filing.

» Read a case study on how Small Business CFO built a finance department for Jubilant Technologies and for Martin Sanderson, Esq.

Other Services

Training: We will train you and / or team members on various financial skills such as creating budgets or using software such as Microsoft Excel or QuickBooks.  Training can include printed documentation or video screen capture.  Download a sample QuickBooks reference guide

Recruiting: If you are looking for a team member we will review the job description, develop a recruiting strategy, review resumes, conduct skills assessments, and assist with the technical skills part of the interview process.

Second Opinions: Already have a CFO or CPA, but concerned that you are getting full use of their services or that they are the right fit for you?  Small Business CFO will privately meet with you to discuss what your business requirements are and give an independent assessment.  Be assured that this will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality (see Frequently Asked Questions for more about our confidentiality standards).

Tax notice review: If you have received a notice from a tax authority, SBCFO will review the notice, decipher what it means, and advise you on options for responding.