WOW!! 30 minutes with Jonathan, changed my QuickBooks world from frustration to elation. I had six issues with QuickBooks, expecting a yes or no on if QuickBooks can or cannot do what I needed it to do. Instead, Jonathan said, please record and in 30-minutes he walked us thru how to correct each of the frustrating six bullet points. My only thought now is if he does this with QuickBooks, how much more can he do as a Small Business CFO - I look forward to finding out.

Stephen D. Buyze, Lead Consultant and Owner


Yes, it is generally good that our financials are being updated and studied regularly by someone when I am personally stretched for the time or the energy. But Jonathan provides so much more than the technical oversight of our financials. He cares deeply about the measured success of our company. Jonathan personally raises red flags when they need raising (and has saved us money in the process), he reminds us to celebrate our victories, and most importantly, he keeps us accountable and ensures we are doing what we need to do to stay on the right path. He is a true expert and partner, and I'm never more confident that we are making educated and strong decisions than when he is involved in the conversation.

Maureen Isern, CEO
Moped Productions


We have a very complex financial structure and I was able to rely on Jonathan to help us build it and optimize our financial operations. Jonathan’s insights, understanding, financial intelligence and savvy helped guide us through the complexities of our model an have been invaluable to us. I trust him to lay the financial Infrastructure that will allow Webgrrls International to continue to grow.

Kevin Kennedy, CEO
Webgrrls International


We contact Jonathan whenever we have QuickBooks questions, and he always comes back with an answer that solves the problem and shows us how to tackle it on our own if we encounter it in the future.  Not only that, but he also showed us the benefits of frequent reconciliations.  Now I actually look forward to reconciling!

Galit Gold, Accounts Payable
Sid's Building Supplies

I truly shudder to think where our organization would be financially without the services of Jonathan Ankney and Small Business CFO. For the last three and a half years, Mr. Ankney has had a knack for understanding what financial information we need and how to present it in a way that equips the leaders of our organization to make informed decisions in the busiest of times. His expertise with creating and re-creating spreadsheets has been especially beneficial during our annual budgeting process.

Rev. Joshua Staton, Executive Pastor
Trinity Grace Church


In a mere day, Jonathan told us more things about our business than our Midtown CPA firm told us in years. We kept him, and he has since provided us valuable feedback and forecasting, enabling us to make critical adjustments to our business model to respond the current economic climate.

W.R., General Manager
Retail Store