The Financially Successful Solopreneur

We’re pleased to bring you this FREE webinar on what we need to become a successful, independent solopreneurs!

Whether just getting started or have been doing this for a long time, we all want to be independent. After all, that’s why we’re on our own. But independence also means being financially independent. Yet often we get stuck when it comes to money. Many of us are musicians, actors, dancers, or artists who don't want to deal with boring numbers. Others of us kind of get it, but are too busy or aren’t quite sure what to do.

Either way, the solution is the same: understanding what we need to and how easy it is are the keys to the vault of greater independence. On this webinar, we’ll look at:

  • The foundations to making more money,
  • How to track money and simplify your tracking system
  • Skills every money-savvy person knows
  • Making taxes less painful

This webinar will be presented by Jonathan Ankney, “retired” musician turned small business finance expert who runs his own small business. Between running his business and the 100+ businesses he’s worked with in the last 12 years, he has seen and learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

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