The Small Business CFO Difference

With the number of firms that offer different types of services, how can you know which is right for you?  We at Small Business CFO have seven factors that we believe makes us stand out from the crowd.

1. Profit focus
Our first and foremost goal is to help our clients move the needle on profit.  So this means that everything we do, from bookkeeping and accounting support to software implementation, is done with the intention of helping them make more money.  This stands in stark contrast with tax preparation firms or bookkeeping companies which focus on only on a small part of the solution.  Our profit focus means that we look at the whole enterprise, the owner’s goal, and structure their systems, processes, reports, and team to serve the sole purpose of becoming more and more profitable.

2. Meaningful information
Business owners need meaningful information in order to make decisions that will help them make better profits.  First, this means accurate information: our bookkeepers are trained to enter transactions the way each of our clients need, our accountants are given checklists to verify that financial information is correct, and our periodic client review gives clients final verification on their data.

But we believe that meaningful information also means more than just accurate information.  Data loses meaning either if the wrong reports are used, or if the information organized so that important data is buried and hard to find.  One of the first steps we take working with new clients is to discuss what information is meaningful to them and develop reports that meet their specific decision-making needs.

3. Comprehensive service
We offer a wide array of services, including bookkeeping, accounting, financial software consulting, and financial strategy.  For certain services (tax preparation, payroll, benefits) we have a network of service affiliates who work with us to ensure that you have a one-stop shop for all of your financial needs.

4. We tailor options to your needs
We recognize that each business is unique, has unique preferences, and has its own budget for what it can and should spend on financial administration.  Consequently we tailor services to each client at the onset by offering options in terms of how often we provide services and by the location of their SBCFO team members.  Some clients may wish weekly bookkeeping by a local bookkeeper while others might only want quarterly bookkeeping from an offshore bookkeeper.  Others might have their own bookkeeper, but want oversight from a CFO.  What matters is that the business has a profit focus and is applying sound financial practices, not how the work is getting done.

5. Guaranteed financials
We guarantee your financials will be accurate, regardless of what options you choose for your bookkeeping needs.  How do we do this?  First, our president, Jonathan Ankney, does the first round of bookkeeping entries himself in order to see how transactions should be processed.  Then he documents the process and makes sure that the bookkeepers know what the standards of performance are so that they input data correctly from the start.  Then he creates the quality review checklist for the client, ensuring that the accountant who reviews the books knows what to look for.  And finally, each client is given financial reports to verify the numbers as part of the review process.

6. We always look out for your best interest
We are a very relational firm, seeking the best for everyone we meet and work with.  This means that we will always look out for our clients’ best interests, giving them the best recommendations that we conclude given what we know about their circumstances at any given time.  This is how we add value to their businesses and personal lives for now and the long-term.

7. We get small business
Running a small self-funded enterprise has unique challenges that a large business doesn’t have: having to juggle multiple projects in a day, limited time to do everything that needs to get done, cash crunches, and wearing multiple hats are just the beginning.  Then add surprises to that: tax notices, the prospect that delays signing their contract, the supplier that didn’t deliver when promised, or even those times when you’re not feeling well and need to take an unplanned day off.  These are all ways that it seems like someone is out to get you.  We completely get it: not only do we work exclusively with small businesses, we are a small business too.  You can completely rest assured that we’ll make your financial life as easy as possible so that you can stop wasting time responding to financial crises and spend your time growing your business instead.