Your small business is an investment—it should be treated and managed like one.

We provide critical financial services to small business and non-profit organizations in the areas of profitability analysis, cash flow management, financial systems, and management accounting.

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Your Finance and Accounting Team

Every business needs to mind the treasury, but small businesses often don't have the skills or resources to effectively manage money. That's where we come in! Click "Learn More" to find out how we become value-added partners in this critical business area.

Tax Planning and

Many businesses put themselves at a disadvantage by not working the tax system properly, and we are here to change that. Our focus is to minimize taxes and to eliminate surprises by looking ahead to anticipate the tax bill before the end of the year.


Then there are those times when a business needs custom services. From creating forecasts to financial report analysis to systems development and integration to giving perspective, we will help you ramp up your game.

Small Business CFO's profit-minded approach to accounting and bookkeeping has raised the game for me. Seeing where my practices are spending money, knowing the impact of our variable costs, and understanding the expense allocations for staff who have multiple roles all give me deeper insights way beyond what I could get from a CPA. And the monthly dashboard with breakeven analysis and maximum revenue potential help me set goals for the business.

Stephen Lim




Multi-location dental practice

A year after stepping into my CEO role at DOOR3 it became clear that we needed additional insights to refocus and grow our firm. We turned to Small Business CFO to model and forecast our cash flow. As a result, we now see our bank balance six months into the future and can plan our operations based on this knowledge.

Jonathan Blessing




Software developer

We used to work with an inexpensive bookkeeping firm, but they seemed to struggle with getting our financial reports correct. I couldn’t really keep my finger on the pulse of my business finances so that decision making was difficult. The Small Business CFO team came in, cleaned up the books, and put us on a good routine. No more frustration, my financials are easy to interpret with accurate reports. Thanks to Small Business CFO I make decisions that are helping my business grow.

Deborah Maragopolous



Genesis Health Products

Manufacturer of nutritional supplements

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