QuickBooks pro tip for CEOs – how to memorize financial reports

It doesn't need to be complicated

I’ve been thinking recently about my transition from musician to chief financial officer. What a strange course of events! An artist changes course, makes a choice of major in business school

How much should I pay back on my loan?

Someone contacted me recently with a question that I thought would be a good topic to cover here at Your Money and Your Business. The situation was that they had taken a loan out and wanted to pay it

Stay underwater

Some good coaching advice during emotional times: stay underwater.I don’t follow baseball that much, but this grand slam was big news earlier this week. David Bote was called up to the Cubs from the

An introduction to cost of goods sold

I recently had a call with an individual who helps stabilize distressed companies, and in the course of our conversation he mentioned that it’s important for him to understand what a client’s cost of

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