Tax Preparation

Are you constantly trying to keep up with your taxes?

Does your accountant see the big picture between your money and the business?

Do you feel like you're working with a tax preparation factory?

Because SBCFO is the business owner's financial management partner, we want our clients to be empowered with knowledge and foresight, to not be surprised by their tax bills, and to know that everything could be done to ethically minimize their tax obligations.

Additionally, when SBCFO clients use our finance and accounting team services, they have a fully integrated team that works together throughout the year to seamlessly take care of all aspects of their business's finance!

When you book a complimentary call with our tax team, we'll learn about you, your business, your tax challenges, ask follow up questions to help us thoroughly understand your tax situation, and recommend steps we can take to improve this stressful part of all business owner's lives.

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Tired of tax surprises? Want a better game plan?

Schedule a pro bono call to see how we can make the tax headache less of one.

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