What financial reports should I be looking at?

Several months ago I led a small business financial workshop on making investment decisions at a conference, and one of the questions that came up during Q&A was which financial reports a business

A tip when hiring a bookkeeper

I’m recruiting a bookkeeper for one of my clients, and there’s a screening tip that I want to share. Before I mention it, I should give some background.Many years ago I used to spend hours

How much capacity does your business have?

A while back I wrote a post about how you’re a good philosophical approach to business is to think of it as building an asset, and I used a neighborhood building under construction as my inspiration

Field Hockey

Last weekend I went to a field hockey tournament that my niece was in. It was a beautiful day, and her team was in good form. Not only did her team win, but she scored a goal. Yes, I’m a proud

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How to create an operating manual — demo

Two posts ago I talked about the importance of creating a standard operating manual for your business. In today’s video I demonstrate two different ways to do it: one written, the other using a

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